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Telecommunications, App Programming, GPS Tracking Devices and mobile handheld printers (NasaJet ®)

The Geotechtronics GmbH - short GeoTT - from Tutzing on Lake Starnberg near Munich is a multidisciplinary company for research, design and development with a focus on telecommunications (wireless and wired), embedded systems (vehicle tracking systems, GPS tracking devices, multifunction USB storage, standalone DSL boards ), Hand printers (Nasajet hand printer / jetprinter) as well as programming and software development in the areas of embedded systems (Windows, Linux, Apple) and apps (Android and iOS). In doing so, we work interdisciplinarily in, for example, the automotive sector, telecommunications, informatics and aerospace engineering. With our technically experienced and motivated employees, we also help you with the successful implementation of your projects in the embedded and software sector.

Networking Hardware & Software


Geotechtronics offers a wide range of services and solutions in the field of wireless and wired telecommunications. We offer economical yet powerful HF & VHF / UHF Multicouplers, Remote Terminal Units (RTU Intelligent Telecontrol Systems) as well as wireless UHF Data Radio modems for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections with remote diagnostics capability.

Telekommunikation Hardware

On the software side, Geotechtronics focuses on providing professional DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) solutions for Ethernet, MPLS-TP, and IP / MPLS networks.

In addition, we offer services, software and programming in the areas of Fixed Access Networks, ICT Networks and Mobile Backhaul Networks.

Software development mobile & embedded

Android/iOS (iPhone, iPad) Apps, Linux & Windows

Our powerful software department not only develops the software for our own products, but also works project-related for external clients. Our focus is on the cost-effective development of apps for iOS and Android devices, but also on industrial software development for embedded systems with Java, C, C ++, C # - for example in the fields of telecommunications, automotive and aerospace.


Industrial marking & coding

ANSER marking systems for product identification

ANSER marking systems, handheld printer

In almost all industrial sectors, there is a requirement for simple and professional yet economical labeling of products or packaging. Whether these requirements arise from legal regulations, logistical expediency or simply the desire for improved customer information, ANSER brand products are the smart solution. With over 30 years of experience, ANSER develops and sells professional labeling systems that stand out for their robustness and quality, while remaining economically viable - even for smaller production quantities.

ANSER's product range includes high-end marking systems, for several production lines in parallel, as well as easy-to-assemble mountable systems, as well as 2 portable models (handheld printers) for truly flexible use. A wide range of TIJ inks and special inks ensures that you get everything around your marking problems from a single source and can rely on consistent quality.

Geotechtronics GmbH Tutzing is the official partner of ANSER marking systems for the German-speaking region of Europe.

ANSER Marking systems / Product marking
Mobile printing and labeling

NasaJet ® handheld printer

Nasajet Handdrucker

Our modern and powerful industrial handheld printer NasaJet ® helps to label almost any objects and surfaces quickly and easily - for example cardboard boxes, pallets, but also metals and plastics. An intuitive software helps to quickly create printing templates and even allows embedding graphics. Dynamic elements such as sequential numbers or dates are also possible. The use of standardized HP inkjet cartridges also ensures manageable printing costs and secure availability of replacement ink.
This modern hand lettering system is the indispensable and at the same time economic helper in shipping, in the warehouse or in wholesale and retail.
More: Nasajet handheld printer / jet printerNasajet mobile inkjet printer

GPS tracking

Vehicle tracking systems, GPS tracking devices

Vehicle tracking systems, GPS tracking devices

GPS locators combine vehicle location in specific vehicles with software that collects that fleet data for a comprehensive overview of vehicle movements and vehicle locations.

Modern vehicle tracking systems often use GPS or GLONASS technology to locate the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle tracking technology may be used. The information provided by the vehicle can be managed and processed on electronic maps via the Internet or with the help of special software. Not only companies, but also public transport operators and authorities are becoming more and more frequent users of vehicle location systems (VLS), especially in the big cities. Our passive VLS stores GPS tracking such as speed, position, time and some other information. Not only companies, but also public transport operators and authorities are becoming more and more frequent users of vehicle location systems, especially in the big cities. Our passive VLS stores GPS tracking such as speed, position, time and some other information.

Design, Development & Implementation

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    Based on your requirements and specifications, Geotechtronics develops high quality software and embedded systems solutions.

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    Our project teams can be quickly and flexibly put together to work at your requirements.

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    Using modern concepts and tools we design most suitable solutions for you.

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    With the help of internal and external programmers, we offer programming and implementation at an economical price.

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    Quality & support

    We support you in the long term in improving and expanding your software and hardware solutions.

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